How do I use the Hair Growth Serum?

Simply apply 10-12 drops directly to the scalp or between braids, locs, on natural hair or permed hair and massage gently every other day. Our serum is perfect for bald patches, thinning hair, sparse edges and over all hair growth.

How long does it take hair to grow using this product?

Results vary with the use of our Mega Hair Massive Growth Formula Premium Hair Serum. Each bottle is approximately a 3 month supply. Most customers see results in as little as 7 days.

Will the Mega Hair Massive Growth Formula Premium Hair Serum work for me?

Our Mega Hair Massive Growth Formula Premium Hair Serum works on ALL hair types from tightly coiled to permed or naturally straight.

What is the difference between the Original Formula and Extra Strength?

The Original Formula is our 7 oil blend. Our Extra Strength is concentrated and has 2 bonus oils for FASTER results. Many customers start with the Original Formula and then upgrade to Extra Strength.

Can I return this product if it's not what I expected?

Unfortunately because of the high cost of our premium oils and the time it takes to blend and bottle each product we don't offer refunds. With consistency our product definitely works. Read our Customer Testimonials on Instagram or email us for help with your hair routine.

What if I have additional questions before I make a purchase?

Feel free to reach out to us via Email here.