Mega Hair Co. Chébé Growth Formula
Mega Hair Co. Chébé Growth Formula
Mega Hair Co. Chébé Growth Formula

Mega Hair Co. Chébé Growth Formula

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Chebe is used by women of a Chadian ethnic group, giving them exceptional quality and length of hair. We've infused a light jojoba, avocado and lemongrass oils with 100% pure Chebe Powder and concentrated it for added potency. See results in as little as 7 Days!

The powerful yet soothing ingredients in our Hair Growth Chebe Infused Oil will heal your scalp and so that your follicles remain strong and your hair can grow as a direct result. 

Hair Growth Chebe Infused Oil is the best kept secret for length retention.

Our Hair Growth Chebe Infused Oil also:


✔️Heals Damaged hair and GROWS it LONGER!

✔️Prevents Breakage to RETAIN LENGTH!

✔️Makes dry brittle hair STRONGER and SHINER!

✔️REGROWS edges and bald spots FAST!

✔️Neutralizes the PH in the hair and shaft!

✔️Anti-Inflammatory and CLEANSES the scalp!

✔️Chemo or Radiation regrowth--NO PROBLEM!

Our Serum is lightweight, absorbs quickly, doesn't create build up and offers FAST LASTING RESULTS. Chebe combats hair loss. Use on the scalp and hair SHAFT to strengthen hair and prevent breakage. You'll love the results that you get from this oil! This is a 4 ounce Bottle is a 2 Month Supply! 

Our oil is perfect for DAILY use on men, women and children. You can also use Hair Growth Chebe Infused Oil for hot oil treatments and add it to your conditioner for a BOOSTED treatment.

Get Thicker, Stronger and more Luxurious Hair Today!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Joi Baker
Love how my hair feels!!

Smelling my mom’s bottle with the wonderful scent of lemongrass made me purchase. Unfortunately, I couldn’t smell the lemongrass in mine. Love how it makes my hair feel when applied. Will definitely purchase another bottle.

Debrayta Salley
A Blessing to my scalp!

I received this in yesterday and used it this morning! My scalp was itchy and dry but as soon as I put this on and massaged it in my scalp it soothed it all away! Wow! I Love it already!!! Thank you!!

Yvette Norwood
Great product!

I’ve only been using the product for a week but love that it’s gentle to my scalp and has a wonderful light scent.